Saturday, August 7, 2010

For My Auntie Tish

One year ago today, my beautiful Auntie Tish passed away. She had been struggling for quite some time with an illness and on August 7, 2009, she finally found peace. I think she has to be one of the strongest people I've yet to know - I can't actually remember ever hearing her complain, about anything. She stayed positive through everything and just dealt with whatever came her way.

My next door neighbor has a gorgeous yard... and she has some amazing flowers growing in it. So yesterday morning I went over there with my camera and snapped a few pics of the awesome flora. I think Auntie Tish would have loved them! Not to mention I'm sure she would know the name of every single one of them.


Auntie Tish, this post is for you. And Uncle Don, I'm thinking of you also. Your wife was a fabulous lady and I will remember her always!

Love Cheryle



Anonymous said...

Very nice cheryle, I will tell DON,to look at this when he goes to work,, you sure have an exquisit way of expressing your thoughts,,,have a good day, and night,, cheerio,, dunkster,,,

Anonymous said...

Don phoned,,read your blog,,, said it was very very well written,,and appreciated your lovely tribute to Tish,, ,,,,THANK YOU VERY MUCH,,,cheerio for now,,,dunkster,,,,