Sunday, October 3, 2010

Indian Summer

How fitting of a title... since yesterday we spent the day hiking through the Valley of the Ten Peaks to Wenkchemna Pass... and Wenkchemna is the Stoney word for 'ten'.


Sonja, Nathan, Todd and I got an early start, with the hopes of scrambling Wenkchemna Ridge. However, we could find virtually no description of the objective - not in any of Todd's one million guidebooks, and not even on the web. So we decided to just see what it was all about when we got there.

Once we got to the pass, the other three headed upwards onto the ridge, while I parked my carcass in a comfy spot on the rocks and enjoyed the views. A little more than an hour later, the group returned from their recon mission, and it turned out that the undertaking would be more than we had the time for.


We then ate our lunches and hung around at the pass for a while longer, soaking up the amazing sights and the warm sun, and then we hiked back to the car.


The day didn't quite go as we thought it might, however it was still a gorgeous hike through a jaw-droppingly beautiful valley on a fabulous fall day... I'm pretty sure nobody had any complaints!


Wenkchemna Pass
Time (car to pass): 3 hours
Distance (car to car): 20km
Elevation Gain: 720m

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Anonymous said...

MY O MY ,,it sounds like you ventured MUCH FURTHER THAN THE AVERAGE HIKERS DO,,you really must have been where very few others have ventured ??,,again more memorable pictures of your day's adventure,,very EXCITING!!! ,,,cheerio,, dunkster,,,,