Friday, October 15, 2010

Windtower Windy-ness!

Well, sadly, yesterday may have been the last big hiking day I get before winter sets in. However, if there was ever a fantastic way to end a summer, yesterday was certainly it!! My good friends Sonja and Jody and I hiked up to West Wind Pass, and then continued on to the summit of Windtower.

The skies were bluer than blue and the temps were great - and the wind... let's just say that the area is aptly named!! We experienced some serious breeziness as we approached the summit, but we enjoyed the views and had some photo fun none-the-less.


It was such an awesome day, on an awesome trail, with awesome company! I am sooooo stoked for next season... I tracked my mileage this year and am excited to try to beat the distance and height gain next year! Yeah!!


West Wind Pass / Windtower
Time (car to car): 4-1/2 hrs
Distance: ~9km
Elevation Gain: ~975m

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Anonymous said...

SUCH A SAD STORY YOU WEAVE,,,but ,snow will likely abound your trails of travel very soon,,,well, like you say next summer is only 3 seasons away,,,has been exciting to follow your travel pictures this season,,thanks for taking the time to post and comment on them,,,cheerio,, the dunkster,,,