Wednesday, October 27, 2010

No wind...

Yesterday was relatively non-windy. Todd attempted a ride, but ended up waaaaay downwind and had to walk back up the beach... boooo... So we got out the paddle boards and kayaks, and played around on them instead.


The big score of the day was when one of the local fellows we met found us a freshly-caught tuna!


Needless to say, our supper was yummy - fresh fish, accompanied by coconut rice (the coconut came from a tree in the yard here) and awesome company.

There may have been no kitesurfing, but it was a great day none the less!!



Cliff said...

thats a really neat open air kitchen/dining room. Poor doggy has a cropped tail.

Cheryle said...

Yep, this place we're staying at is super cool! No walls or anything in the common area because it is always soooo hot here!! And the poochies - I'm in poochie heaven!! The one with no tail is named Sandy.