Friday, October 29, 2010

We have wind!

Yesterday was fabulous!! It started out with a most fun fishing trip along the coast north of La Ventana. At 7am, a local hombre named Guadalupe picked us up out front of our place.


We cruised for about an hour, looking (unsuccessfully) for live bait but still enjoying the beautiful views... and then we moved to the backup plan - giant squid-like plastic lures. Within a half an hour, one of the rods was hit hard - by a massive Marlin! Unfortunately, it got away. (How's THAT for a fish story!! but it's true!)

Anyway, over the course of the morning, we caught two fiesty skipjack tunas and saw hundreds and hundreds of frolicking dolphins. The dolphins were the best part of the day, for me anyway.

By the time we were finished fishing, the winds were picking up nicely, and Todd, Mike and Jen all got out for some riding.


As well, Todd got a new toy from a shop here in La Ventana - a Slingshot 6'0" Coupe surfboard - so he was stoked to try it out!


Today, the forecast is looking to be much the same, wind-wise, so after some yummy huevos rancheros I think we'll be hitting the beach!


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Anonymous said...

nice fishing pictures and board picsand others,,,, weather looks awesome..hope wind is forthcoming ,,,cheerio ,,,dunkster,,,,