Sunday, October 31, 2010

Downwind Goodness

Today was down-winder day! El viento not only came up much earlier than it has this past week, but it was substantially stronger.  Our fabulous host Kurt ( offered to drive the kitesurfers among us to the hotsprings north of El Sargento, where they would be able to launch for a 10km downwind ride. Can you say EXCITED??

I helped Todd, Mike, Jen and Remi get their kites in the air, and then Kurt and I (and Perla!) toured around the El Sargento area, checking out some of the real estate developments which are underway. We made it back to our beach at about the same time as the kiters, and an afternoon of stellar wind was enjoyed by all.

Tonight we feasted like kings on some of the Dorado which was caught yesterday, and tomorrow is looking to be pretty much a repeat of today. **SIGH** It doesn't get much better than this!!


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Anonymous said...

Nice white sand on the beach ...appears there is lots to do every day... nice fishing day ,,,cheerio ,,,dunkster,,,