Sunday, October 10, 2010

'Shrooms and 'Shuks...

Mushrooms... inukshuks... a pond... and some random forest items... Those are the things that I photographed today! The in-laws came out to Canmore and we all went for a little hike to Warspite Lake. Except at this time of year, the 'lake' isn't much larger than a child's backyard wading pool!

Smile for the camera, Todd!!


Walking through the cool boulder field near Warspite Lake.

The 'lake'! We almost missed it.




Smile again for the camera, Todd!!

Tomorrow it's back to work for a couple of weeks, and then we're off to La Ventana, Mexico. I can hardly wait! The nice fall colors have disappeared around here, which makes the days more and more bland. So it will be great to travel to some sun and sand! (Hey, that rhymes!!)


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Anonymous said...

Neat INUCHUKS did you construct any of them ? another neat area,, was the lake dried up that much ?,,cheerio,,dunkster,,,