Thursday, February 9, 2012

Costa del Sol....

.... but definitely NOT costa de caliente!! Brrrrr! We arrived in Fuengirola on Tuesday, and while there certainly is an abundance of sunshine, there is a slight shortage of warmth! Wow! I thought I could lose the winter clothing, but apparently there is a some cold snap happening across Southern Europe right now - oy!! Oh well, not much I can do about it!! What's the saying? A bad day on vacation is still better than a good day at work!! Heh heh!!

Villa Blanca

Golf course at Alhaurin
The landscape around this country is seriously beautiful! From Alarcon pretty much all the way to the coast, there are olive groves and vineyards, as far as you can see. Once you reach the Mediterranean however, it is quite a contrast - there are buildings, as far as you can see! Over the past few days, we've driven from Fuengirola to Malaga, up to Antequera, and down to Marbella. Today we went to a super-cool park called El Torcal, where we wandered around a unique area of limestone rock formations.

El Torcal


El Torillo
View from El Torcal
The apres-hike cervesa!
Tomorrow, depending on the weather, we may go golfing at one of about a thousand courses in a 50km radius around Fuengirola! The one bonus of being here during off-season is that everything is uber cheap, and there are no crowds. So that kind of makes up for the summer temps I guess?!

Still smilin', in spite of the cold!!
Oh, and I couldn't resist - here are a couple of pics for mi amiga... you know who you are... hee hee....




Anonymous said...

lovely countryside ,,cold or not..Toni will like your pics,,,KEEP HAVIVG FUN,,, love you ,,,dunkster......

Ben galipeau said...

You are making some friends very jealous with the shoe store and cafe pic.Enjoy and have fun. Cheers. BG