Saturday, February 18, 2012

From Europe to Africa

Two continents.... three countries.... two days!! Yeah!! Thursday, we spent an absolutely fantastic day in Gibraltar, on 'The Rock'. The views were so incredibly beautiful, and my words and photos can't even begin to do them justice!

View from the top of The Rock!

Gorgeous weather in Gibraltar, GB
The area is home to a large group of Barbary Macacques, which are the only wild primate in all of Europe. They are the neatest little creatures, and they were everywhere.

Hangin' out in the sun.

A bit of overkill I think!
On Friday, we took the ferry from Tarifa over to Tangier, where we had a most fabulous day visiting the famous Moroccan city with a private guide. We were driven around the 'new' section, then we walked throughout the old part of town, including The Kasba. We stopped for lunch at a groovy restaurant, and we even went for.... get this.... a camel ride! Hee hee! How cheesy is that - but being that we were in full-on tourist mode, there was really no way around it!!

Africa - across the Straight of Gibraltar

Cape Spartel, Morocco

Camels! Guess what comes next....

Yep - we're tourists! But hey, when in Africa....


Inside the Caves of Hercules


Funky Moroccan restaurant!

Community oven in Old Town
Both Gibraltar and Tangier are a bit of a gong show... however, if you ever get the chance, you do need to see both of them! They are two radically different cultures, less than 20km apart, but each are spectacular in their own way.

Well, today was a sleep-in day, and I may perhaps do some souvenir shopping.... any requests?! Ha ha, just kidding.... You will all get what you get, and you'll like it!!


PS - My new favorite sign.... cracks me up....

How bad do you need to go??

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