Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The scenery that never ends....

Happy Valentine's Day! Yep, they have it here too. Seems like any other normal day though - nothing special is happening. Aside from the fact that it was the first time since being here that I've seen any clouds!

Today was pretty low-key. We hopped in the Polo and drove north through the stunning countryside, past a trio of lakes, to a gorge called El Chorro.


At the gorge, there is an old walkway which winds along the sides of a giant limestone wall and into a canyon, and until the early 2000's the trail was open to the public. Apparently, the 'walkway' fell into disrepair, people were falling to their deaths, and it was shut down and can now only be accessed with a guide and proper gear.

Can you see the people?!

The area is beautiful, and it looks like a place that my rock-climbing friends should check out if they are ever in Southern Spain! I saw a few parties on the massive south facing walls, as well as several groups of climbers hanging out around the campsite.

El Chorro

Well, the forecast is calling for rain tomorrow.... so I'm not sure what will be up. Ahhh, well, it doesn't really matter though.... because I am here and not at work!! No complaints! Yeah!

Cheers everbody!

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Anonymous said...

o Cheryle how we love your blogs!!! is the first thing we look for every morning. love to look at your pictures. just have to know if you guys walked that wall.
we bot Dad his quad,so now he can get out riding. it was a great Valentines Day here in camp. All is well. enjoy the last half of your vacation...luv mom & dad