Saturday, August 3, 2013

Classic Rockies

Today was another simply amazing day in the mountains!  We left Canmore early this morning and made a random stop at the Lake O'Hara parking lot... and how's our luck - we pulled up right beside the very nice Parks lady, asked if there was a chance we could get on the bus, and *POOF*! She had a cancellation and we were IN!!

Early morning calmness.

Fun viewpoint!

This guy took an after lunch dip...

You know how I love jumping pics....

..... well, everybody was jumping!!


Of course we had a back-up plan had the bus not panned out... But I am still stoked that it did - my friend goes home to Ontario tomorrow... so finishing his trip by spending a day in Lake O'Hara is super rad! We were so fortunate to be able to get in there on short notice.
Not sure what's up for the rest of the long weekend.... Folk Fest is happening in Canmore, and the weather forecast is continuing to look decent. I may have more visitors for a day or two - so no matter what I get up to, it will be entertaining I'm sure!

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Anonymous said...

VERY NICE !! the sunshine seems to follow you where ever you go,,,,you and your Ontario fried have had lovely weather,,you must know a zillion places to journey in the rockies,,,,cheerio for now,,,,,dunkster,,,,,