Monday, August 5, 2013

Twist my rubber arm....

Well.... it is a holiday Monday, and I (briefly) had plans to work today.... Thank crikey I came to my senses!! LOL!

At the last minute, Stanley lured me outside. Stanley Glacier, that is. My friend Caroline came out from Calgary this morning, and in between cloudbursts, while standing in the Beamers parking lot, we decided to load up and go west and see what we could find.

At Castle Junction we headed south.... turns out we made an excellent choice!

Does that little brown-haired girl look familiar?!

And ironically, as we pulled into the trailhead, a long-time friend whom I haven't caught up with in months was getting out of the car next to us! So we all hiked together. Awesome!!

Yup! Much better than being at work!!

Interesting burn area.

It's Sonja!

Tons of waterfalls, coming off the hanging glaciers.

The headwall below the tongue of the Stanley Glacier.

In the 'austere' meadow, as one of the
guidebooks describes it!

'Austere' is accurate, I would say!

Stanley Glacier

The view back down the valley.

A marmot - posing as a cairn??

We got rained on for a few minutes, on the way down.
It was refreshing!

Blue skies again!


The day was absolutely fantastic, and I think it might be one of my new favorite trails. Did I mention how happy I am that I bailed on work?!

Sadly, tomorrow I don't have the same luxury... I do need to make an appearance... but it's a short week and in just three more sleeps I'll be back in the mountains! Yeah! My happy place.


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Anonymous said...

Very nice that you met up with your freind and other freinds for a nice day of sight-seeing,,,BUT you know that work is for those who don't like the mountains ,,and just a place to rest up and make a little gas money to go again,lol,,lol,,,cheerio for now love ya ,,dunkster,,,,