Friday, August 9, 2013

K-Country lives!

Due to all the flooding earlier this spring and restricted access to the area, the status of Kananaskis Country has been a bit of a mystery to me. So today, my friend Megan and I took the long way around to the Burstall Pass trailhead. To dispell all myths.... Highway 40 is open to the Kananaskis Lakes / Hwy 742 junction, and there are a few campgrounds open, however many hiking/biking trails have been damaged or just plain washed away and are still not accessible at this time. As well, the Kananaskis Golf Course is NOT OPEN.... but they were having a massive sale in the pro-shop!

It will be interesting to see how things look in the next few years. Nature's wrath really took its toll; here's hoping it will repair itself!

At any rate.... Once we got ourselves onto the right trail this morning (damn useless guidebook - or maybe it was the useless guidebook reader??!), it was nothing but stellar-ness!

Burstall Flats

Robertson Glacier

View back down the valley.

Burstall Pass

Leman Lake

The trail was varied and awesome - braided creek flats, gladed meadows, Karst formations, thick forest - and the views at the pass were gorgeous! EnviroCan was forecasting rain.... but as you can see, the dreariness did not materialize.

Tomorrow is supposed to be 27C, so more outside time is in order - can't wait! Yeah!


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Anonymous said...

MY, MY,,,MORE MARVELOUS COUNTRY,,,DID YOU MEET ANY OTHER HIKERS WHILE ENJOYING THE DAY?,,once again lovely pictures,,,have a goodday today,,cheerio for now,,,dunkster,,,,