Saturday, August 10, 2013

Grrrrrizzly goodness!

Well, we timed it pretty good today I must say! The day started out with blue-bird skies and perfect temps, so Shawn and I decided to grind up Grizzly Peak. I've done it before, but he hadn't, so we headed down to the Kananaskis Lakes area and managed to summit this cool little peak before a nice afternoon thundershower rolled in.

A hazy view down the valley.

Summit brewskis! Might have to be a new tradition?
The hike was great, the company was great, the lunchtime views and beverages were great (LOL!).... what more could a person ask for!! Love my life!!


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Anonymous said...

remember,, I said "the sunshine follows you" I guess it is true ,,,you certainly do not need to visit a gym,,,you exercise on the mountain trails enough,,! cheerio for now,,,work tomorrow ??,,,cheerio for now ,,love ya lots,,,dunkster..