Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thereisienwiese, here we come!

And.... the European Vacation is booked! First stop - Oktoberfest!! Yeah baby!

I've been thinking I'd like to check out the world-famous beer festival for quite some time now, and this year I decided to just do it. Life is way too short to put things off.... and you know me.... when have I ever been one to not do exactly what I want!?  LOL!

So.... On October 3rd, we fly into Frankfurt, where we pick up a rental car and begin the whirlwind tour. On the agenda of course is Munich, and from there (after recovering from an inevitable overindulgence of Lowenbrau) it will be a free-for-all! No set itinerary is in place, but hopefully the sights of Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, France, and maybe even Luxembourg and Belgium (mmmmm chocolate!!) will fill our days. I can't wait!!

For now however, I have many, many kilometres of hiking to enjoy. This weekend I have plans to spend more amazing outside time in the Rockies, and I leave next week for a backpacking trip in the Yukon. Then my Sister is coming mid-September for a visit - yaaayyyy! I am so excited to see her! - and shortly after that, I will be packing for Europe.

It really all comes down to there being so much to do and so many places to go in this world, but so little time. **SIGH**  Gotta make the most of every minute!!


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Anonymous said...

you are MUCH BRAVER than I in going to GERMANY and/or europe at this time of world unrest,,,however,,enjoy ,,they say it is a beautiful country both rural and urban,,BUT not as beautiful as the CANADIAN ROCKIES,,;;just my for now ,love ya lots,,,dunkster,,,,,