Saturday, June 11, 2016

Golden Circle - offroad style!

Today was yet another completely fantastic day here in Iceland! I wheeled around the famous 'Golden Circle' route, both on and off the pavement, with a guide, in a seriously modified Toyota LandCruiser. The landscape was incredible of course, and the driving was super gnarly at times! It was a great combination! I saw waterfalls, geysers, drove up onto the country's second largest glacier, and we even got stuck a couple of times to round out the day!

More of the same tomorrow, but with a hike thrown in. Yippee!


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Anonymous said...

super scenic landscape,,,much like home but still different,,,certainly an adventurous day,,,love ya lots glad you are enjoying your adventurous trip,,,,dunkster,,,,p.s.keep up the great picture taking,,,,