Monday, June 6, 2016

Therapy is expensive.... Wind is cheap!

Just a quick post here, before I head off in search of Ragnar.... Chris and I had a fabulous weekend outside! We were able to get out Friday evening for a quick burn on the Hogs, and Saturday our butts were in the seats, and on a few barstools as well I might add, from shortly before noon until sundown! Then on Sunday, Chris went dirt-biking and I was Canmore-bound to pick up some travel gear.

The weather has been amazing, and it was fantastic to get out and enjoy the long, warm, sunshiney days.

Friday night beers at the Monkey Top!

Saturday morning breakfast at the Big Valley Hotel.

Sweltering on the Bleriot Ferry.

Beverage stop at Horse Thief Canyon.

The classic Last Chance Saloon in Wayne.

Look who we found in our travels!

Lorelee and Randy can run, but they cannot hide....

Thanks for the pic Lorelee! Hope we weren't
too loud.... and by 'we' I mean Chris's bike....

Back across the ferry.... still darn hot!

Made a few pit-stops on the way home
before the sun went down.

The aftermath of a day of riding on the prairies....

Just a few bug guts!

New dirtbike in the back of the new truck....
Life's pretty good, hey!

And, now I'm off to the Land of Ice, for ten days of exploring. Hiking and photography are two of my favorite past-times, so I am super excited about the trip! Stay tuned for some eye candy from the rugged island. Woot!




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