Thursday, June 9, 2016

Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Pictures are NOT going to do today's adventure justice, just sayin'. I went for a nice little hike, out in the Blue Mountains, to a super unique volcanic formation. The volcano erupted a few thousand years ago, leaving a hollow cone, which is unusual in the sense that typically the cone will collapse into itself and form a large dish-like crater. Apparently, this 'phenomenon' if you will, is the only known place on the planet that this non-collapse has occurred. The result: a huge, natural chamber, below the surface, with a very small opening, and with walls of incredible color and texture. The distance the lift drops down is 120 metres. Very cool!

After the tour, I visited Harpa, which is a fabulous concert hall slash convention center located right down on the Reykjavik waterfront. The construction of Harpa was somewhat controversial - the builder went bankrupt part way through, and after several months of no progress, the government stepped in and completed it. Taxpayers were annoyed at first, but the finished product is such an amazing contribution to the city that the grievances soon subsided. Everybody loves it and are very proud of it!

Tomorrow, I'm headed east, to hike to the top of another volcano called Thorsmork, so I'm going to sign off and try to get a good night's sleep - challenging to say the least, since it doesn't get dark here!



Anonymous said...

I can't help but think how bleak the landscape looks. It makes me amazed that this country makes up part of the world..It all looks so "glacier" tinted. Are there any trees that grow naturally in the countryside?
Again thank you for posting (can't believe you are doing this from your phone) but we sure are appreciating it.
Please take a picture of where you are staying...need to see what a hotel looks like there.
love you momma

Anonymous said...

Very different tour in the volcano,,once in a lifetime adventure,,,is hiking over terrain different than in the rocky mountains ?..certainly different scenery..enjoy,,love ya lots dunkster....