Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday funday!

I keep thinking the days just can't get any better, and then they do! Today was incredible! I toured along the South Coast, out as far as a town called Vik, with an awesome guide and three other great ladies. The scenery of course continued to be jaw-dropping, and that combined with awesome company and the mad guiding skills of Seo from, made for a fabulous adventure!

After such a kick-ass day, it was only fitting to have a couple of drinks.... Which I did, at the hotel bar, with some other super fun visitors who have been here this week as well. We are all doing different things while in Iceland, so it is entertaining to hear everyones' stories - Deiter from Vienna Austria, Elizabeth and Damien from Long Island NY, Mariana from Dubai UAE..... So far I am the only Canuck, but hopefully they don't hold that against me! LOL!

Here are a few pics, and then it's sleepy-time for me.


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Anonymous said...

another amazing you aresure getting arund ,,nice that your tour participants and guide are great people,,,nice pics as always,,,love ya lots ,,,cheerio,,,dunkster....