Wednesday, June 15, 2016

One last look.....

I'm back on Canadian soil now.... What a sensational vacation! Here are a few straggler pics - I took two cameras with me by the way, which makes me laugh because I never in a million years would have believed that I of all people would record a holiday solely on my phone! And I pretty much did just that. Gotta love technology!



View of beautiful Reykjavik from the steeple of Hallgrimskirkja.

Teeny action figures were on many street signs
around downtown. How fun!

Creative garden wall.

The street art was incredible!

The waterfalls of Iceland are amazing!

Geothermal activity is everywhere.


As per usual, after a phenomenal holiday, I'm itching to plan the next one - and that right there is the only good reason I can think of to go back to work! LOL! I do still have a few days off however, to ease myself back into reality and to get caught up with friends, which I am looking forward to.



Alexandra said...

Cheryle. What an amazing trip you had! Iceland is a place I want to visit and your solo trip has inspired me. I have some questions for you but your link on your blog site to contact you does not work. My email is andram at telus dot net if you are OK contacting me so I can email you with my questions. Andra

Anonymous said...

very nice endingto your always make the bestof your journeys love yalots dunkster...