Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Streets of Reykjavik

I don't think I could ever get tired of checking out the architecture here in Reykjavik. The city's central district is incredibly cool, and around every corner there is another street filled with funky-colored buildings, which house boutiques, pubs, galleries, coffee shops, museums, hair salons, tattoo parlours.... You name it - you can probably find it. What comes to mind with respect to describing the overall vibe is 'chic grunge'.... There is definitely a high-class European influence with an 'underground' twist. The other thing I must say about the locals is that these are some seriously hearty people. Not overly chatty mind you. But the Viking blood runs deep and they are proud of their heritage and rugged country.

This morning I went on a Puffin tour, which was neat but didn't get us quite close enough to the clumsy creatures to get any good photos. Then I spent the afternoon wandering the streets with eight other visitors. We all hooked up with 'I Heart Reykjavik' (highly recommended!), and learned a ton about the history of Iceland while walking and talking and of course gawking.

Here are a few highlight pics from today.....



Anonymous said...

certanly a distinct type of architecture in buildings..water appears to have a grey glacier coler thanks for taking time to post.....looks like there is much more to see,,enjoy,,,,love ya lots and envy where you are ,,,dunkster..

Anonymous said...

Hi have some awesome pictures here and I must commend you on only having your phone to take them and then to post. Keep up the good work hon,,,,we love to see all these pictures. Can't say I would like to live there. Things look cold. Love you my dear. Enjoy the rest of your momma