Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Buh bye, Inverloch

Well the last few days have been fairly windy, so Todd has been in his glory – he was even able to fly his 11 meter (a smaller kite) and got in about 7 solid hours of riding on Monday. Today, Brad and I drove out to Philip Island in hopes of seeing some penguins. Sadly, they really only come out of their burrows around dusk and it costs an arm and a leg to view the ‘penguin parade’... so the best we could do was to wander down onto the boardwalk at the Nobbies, in amongst about 10,000 sea birds. It was kind of like a creepy movie!
Tomorrow, we are packing up and heading back in the general Melbourne direction. Mike flies home on Friday morning and Friday night the rest of are going to Pearl Jam! Yeah! The forecast says the hot temps are returning and I’m looking forward to it, since today I actually needed to wear a light jacket. Tsk.

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