Thursday, November 26, 2009


Well, after three days in Nowra - one which was smokin' hot, one which was a climbing day, and one which was rainy - we headed to Merimbula. We tried hard to find out climbing and kiting info for Nowra from the locals but had very little luck... so we did a few touristy things then got the heck outta Dodge.
Wednesday there wasn't much for breeziness at Merimbula, however the Mambo Wind Fest started yesterday and the winds cooperated nicely! Todd rode most of the day in the surf at Short Point, and I had an amazing day with my camera, photographing some young fellas who hucked trick after trick after trick! The highlight of the afternoon was watching Slingshot's pro rider Ben Wilson... he put on a fantastic show in the waves.
Some other great stuff we've seen this week: dolphins playing just off shore in Jervis Bay, the massive seacliffs, the lighthouse and torpedo tubes (military history) at Point Perpenidicular, and some beautiful whales breaching in the bay at Merimbula.
It rained torrentially last night, but it is clearing up quickly this morning and I can hear the wind already. We scored a totally cool villa overlooking a beach - the sound of the waves is soothing and it is super convenient to be so close to the kiting. I am way behind on my pics (I took about 400 yesterday alone!) because there has been so much to do and see... but I'll get to them eventually!

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Jody Goodwin Photography said...

Yahhhh!! Glad you are having such a good time. I am looking forward to more pics Cheryle! They are looking so great! Take care and keep having a good time girl!

Miss ya,