Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Land of Oz

We’re here! The trip from Calgary to Melbourne, while long, was uneventful... All of our stuff made it intact and it was 32 degrees Celsius when we stepped off the plane – YEAH!! What a great way to start a vacation! After picking up the camper van we immediately headed for the beach – of course, in true Todd form, he was on the water within 3 hours of arriving and rode until the sun went down. We went to St Kilda Beach, which is kind of like the ‘Venice Beach’ of Melbourne or something... except sadly, there is almost as much trash as there is sand... seems like nobody puts their garbage in a bin, they just toss it... kind of disturbing and not very attractive. Before I left Canada I heard all sorts of talk about the stunning beaches of Australia, so I’m hoping this one was an exception!
Our itinerary is pretty flexible at the moment; we will likely hang around the Melbourne area for a few more days and meet up with B-Rad later on in the week. It’s a neat city, with lots of cool buildings and really friendly people. The biggest issue so far is avoiding the toll freeways... they are super expensive for non-residents to drive on... but apparently it isn’t a big deal getting around via surface streets, if you’re not in a hurry.
Well, off to the local kiteshop for a wind forecast and back to the beach! The sun is INTENSE and the heatwave is supposed to continue. Poor us, hey!! Hee hee! Hope it’s not toooo chilly back there in the northern hemisphere!!

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