Sunday, November 15, 2009

More Canucks

Mike and Brad got to Inverloch before noon yesterday, and by mid-afternoon everyone was riding up a storm. The wind picked up nicely and all three of the boys rode until sunset - it was the best day so far! I’ve been happy just piddling around with my camera... I have to admit that even though it’s a beautiful place, I still just don’t really care for the water. Plus I’ve had enough sun for a few days I think, so today I’m trying to hide from it a bit... although it isn’t forecasted to be quite as hot.
Tomorrow morning, Todd and I are going to get up early and take a quick drive down to Wilson’s Promontory, then we may all pack up and head towards Phillip Island. We haven’t really strayed as far from Melbourne as I thought we would... we are rapidly realizing that a month isn’t nearly enough time to explore all the places we had hoped!

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