Thursday, November 12, 2009

Inverloch Rocks!

We drove down to Inverloch yesterday, which is southeast of Melbourne. The countryside is absolutely gorgeous in this area, with lots of dairy farms and wineries. We found a stellar campsite just metres from the beach and since and the wind was blowing a bit when we got here, Todd was able to get a short ride in. The tide was out too, so I had a ton of fun wandering way out into the middle of the channel! The town is small but really cool, with nice coffee shops and super friendly people. I think we’ll stay here a few more days and meet up with Brad and Mike. Wilson’s Promontory is within a few hours driving of here and we’ve been told it is a must-see, so we will perhaps check it out tomorrow. Right now, Todd is impatiently waiting for some wind... I think I may have him convinced to go on a short hike with me on a nature trail however, and maybe we’ll see some more kangaroos! I saw two last night in the field behind where we are camped, but didn’t get any pix as it was getting too dark.
Hope all is well back home! Cheers!

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