Friday, November 20, 2009

Heading East...

Thursday, Todd and I drove the Great Ocean Road – what a spectacular drive! There is a ton of history about the construction of the highway... which I can tell you about some other time... it is pretty cool! The road stays close to the unbelievably beautiful shoreline for the first half, then it cuts back inland through awesome, dense rainforest, and then it winds through some rolling farmland and back to the coast. Of course we stopped at the Twelve Apostles – they are fantastic, and pictures don’t do them justice! The lighting was kind of harsh and there is no possible way to get real close to them... the area is strictly monitored and people are supposed to stay on the designated paths to the lookout points... believe me, I tried... but it was great to have seen them none the less.
Yesterday, we rode the train in from Werribee to downtown Melbourne, where we met up with Brad. He and Todd found a pub and I wandered the streets for a few hours, before the Pearl Jam concert. I’m telling you, my friend Toni needs to come here!! There are more stores and coffee shops and groovy people than I ever could have imagined! All I could do was gawk like a typical tourist... heh heh... The only downside is that things are VERY expensive here, compared to North America. So aside from food and rum, we really haven’t bought much.
The Pearl Jam concert was darn good – Etihad Stadium is massive and we were quite amazed at how calm and collected the crowd of 60,000 was! Much different from the chaotic mobs at concerts we’ve been to back home.
Today we are heading east... not sure where we’ll end up, but our plan to check out Adelaide has kind of been squashed by the fact that they’ve had nothing but 40 degrees C temperatures and wildfires are becoming a problem.
So... here are a few pics from the Great Ocean Road... I have some Melbourne pics that I haven’t uploaded yet, but will try to get to them for my next post.
Until then, “Ta” as the Aussie’s say!


Jody Goodwin Photography said...


Love the pics and the stories...keep it up girl!

Miss you lots,


Anonymous said...

Hi Cheryle, funny you mention your friend Toni (with and eye) I meet her tonight at the Rebels game, (Rebels won 3-2). She sold Mike Haz & I some beers and we chatted for a while. Steve Scott wishes you a good trip, And I'm off to work on Monday, yuk. Cheers Ben Gee