Friday, June 18, 2010

Big, but not the best...

The aptly named Big Beach in Wailea is where we hung out for a few hours this morning, and so far, it is probably one of the nicer beaches we've seen on Maui. However, after spending time on the pristine sands along the southeastern Australian coast, I am somewhat of a 'beach snob' and it is hard to be jaw-dropping-ly impressed by other coastlines... heh heh... But this one was quite alright I must say.

By eleven o'clock though, the crowds were amassing, and we bailed and headed back to the condo. This afternoon started out overcast and cooler than it has been, but it was still unbelievably windy. Todd was the only kitesurfer for several hours and again had a blast ripping it up on his new smaller board and 9 metre kite. He is still baffled at not needing the rest of the quiver we usually travel with! Mmmmmm gotta love those trade winds!

Tonight we ate at a place called Ocean's. It was inexpensive and the food and service were great! Now we're enjoying our usual nightcap and trying to decide what to do tomorrow morning - a hike, or visit the aquarium? Guess I better consult the guidebook... which was an extremely good purchase by the way. If you ever plan to travel here, "Maui Revealed" needs to accompany you.

Oh yeah... Todd has been bugging me about not being in any of the photos, so I thought I'd better take one as proof that I'm really here! Here I am!



Anonymous said...

OK now we believe you ha haa,,,,as if we didnt know who was taking all those amazing pictures. Love you guys....elmo

Anonymous said...

the picture of Todd on the small beach and the rocks,,,,from a distance he could be 'ROBINSON CRUSO,, watching for a ship to appear ,,,, dunkster,,,,,