Friday, June 11, 2010

We went to the moon!

Okay, so we didn't actually go to the moon... But we did go to Haleakala Crater today, which is a fascinating area in Central Maui that is as close to a moonscape as I've ever seen.

We hiked around a bit at the summit - you can drive to 10,000 feet! - and enjoyed the sun and the views above the clouds. If you ever make it to Maui, you really need to check it out. The road is switch-backy and overrun with downhill mountain bikers, but it is well-maintained right to the top. I'd put the crater/valley on my list of 'must-sees'.

After we got back to sea level, we stopped in Kahului and picked up... Todd's kiteboard! Yeah! An awesome local named Robert found it on the beach (not nearly as far down as we were looking), and as he was posting a CraigsList ad for his own lost board, he noticed the message my sweetheart of a sister had posted on our behalf. So huge kudos to my sista as well as to Robert... we are now bowing to the Karma gods, hoping they shine on him so he finds the one that he is missing.

And last but not least, Todd went for a ride out front of our condo late this afternoon. Even though the winds were much more steady than they have been, they were still crazy-strong! The sand blows off the beach and makes for a slightly uncomfortable, sandblast-like experience for anyone taking photos. Hee hee - poor me, on a beach, in 30+ degree Celsius temps... I shouldn't be complaining!!! Tsk tsk!

Again, the forecast tomorrow is supposed to be more mellow... which would mean more favorable conditions for the not-so-small kites Todd brought... I guess we'll see about that?!



Anonymous said...

glad you have your board back,,,, hope the other fellow is lucky enough to find his lost board,,,be careful,, hope the winds lessen tomorrow for you,,,,have fun,,,,dunkster,,,,,,

Ken LeBlanc said...

I enjoyed your blog and added you to my favorites. Keep shooting, Ken

Ken LeBlanc said...

I enjoyed your blog and added you to my favorites. Keep shooting, Ken