Tuesday, June 15, 2010

'Iao Valley

Every time we go somewhere here, I am amazed at the varying topography. For such a small area, the ecology on Maui is extremely diverse. We went up to the 'Iao Needle yesterday, and the sky was clear and blue when we left dry, dry Kihei. By the time we got a few miles into the 'Iao Valley however, it was quite overcast and sprinkling at times. Plus the vegetation was soooo thick and lush...

Todd and I headed up a trail towards the ridge above the valley, and I had to turn back about two-thirds of the way because of all the moisture - I feared for my camera's life, since dumbass me didn't have any sort of carrying case for it. Turned out it was a good choice on my part - because Todd returned completely soaked!

Back in hot, windy Kihei, Todd got in a quick ride (amongst quite a crowd of windsurfers) and then we went to our friend Mark's house in Makawao for dinner. The evening was awesome and we met some really great people!

Our plans today were to drive to Hana and loop around the east and south sides of Haleakala... but several beers and wine and rum last night has made for a late start this morning, so I think we'll try again tomorrow. I may take a walk down the street to a market I spotted a few days ago, and pick up some souvenirs. And I'm pretty sure we'll get out to the beach at some point... but for now it's nice to relax and enjoy being in vacation mode! Bring on the Kona coffee!! Yeah!


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