Saturday, June 19, 2010

Exploring the Lava

This morning we hiked out past Cape Hanamanioa, which is south of Makena. This is the side of Haleakala that seems to have the most exposed lava - the fields of sharp black rock stretch for miles and miles, and they extend out into the ocean in places as well. We walked through dense old forest and picked our way over volcanic boulder fields, which is nothing like any topography we have back home... and I think in total we covered about 5km.

The absolute best part was when we saw a Hawaiian Monk Seal, sunning herself in a hidden cove. What makes it so special is the fact that these seals only live in the Hawaiian Islands and they (sadly) are approaching extinction. So we enjoyed a very rare sighting! How cool!

We had a late lunch at a beach-side cafe called the Five Palms, and then I went and checked out the aquarium while Todd had a nap. He didn't get to kite today, since there was barely a breath of wind - first time since we've been here! Oh well... maybe tomorrow... it is our last day here and it would be great if he could get one final ride in Maui.

UGH. Did I just say that tomorrow is our last day??!! I guess that means the vacation is almost over. Booooo. Well it has been fabulous I must say! Hopefully things are looking more summery in Alberta... I am pretty used to +30C now, so anything less is going to be disappointing!!


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Anonymous said...

all GOOD THINGS come to an end, as the saying goes,,,be prepared for DIFFERENT CLIMATE CONDITIONS , when you return to sunny ( ?? )Alberta,,,monsoon season is not quite done yet,,however I am sure you robust travellers will adapt !! ,,safe journey home ,,keep a hold on your passports,lol,,,,cheerio,,,dunkster,,,