Sunday, June 20, 2010

Final Countdown

Well, we are down to our last few hours on Maui.... Boooooo.... Oh well, it has been an awesome trip! We've seen nearly the entire island, and each day has been fun and busy... and HOT!! This morning, after we got all our cleaning, laundry and packing done, we took a drive down to Keawakapu Beach - the folks who own the condo in which we are staying said it is their favorite - and we walked along in the lovely sand one last time.

Then we came back and barbequed up some steaks, and now we are lounging around, finishing off the final ounces of Captain Morgan's (gotta empty out the fridge you know... heh heh).

This time tomorrow, we'll be back to reality. Ouch. Although I shouldn't complain... home is good! I'm looking forward to getting out rock climbing and hiking and seeing my family and friends! Plus I really need a haircut.... Tooooooniiiiiiii!!!!!


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