Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Departing the Dreariness

Ahhhhh, the joy of leaving for a vacation!!

Gotta love it when the destination is undoubtedly going to be a bazillion times better, weather-wise, than the point of origin!

The drive to Calgary yesterday was somewhat uplifting, since the rainy weather ended just north of the city.

Plus we passed a few interesting and entertaining sights moving down the highway...

Now we are waiting to board the plane, to MAUI! Hooray! Last time I checked the temps, it was something like +30C. Nice! Sun and surf, here we come!!



Anonymous said...

Looks like Todd has gone to his HAPPY PLACE! Cheers, Ben Gee

Anonymous said...

it just makes me laugh when I look at it. He is sooooo happy !!!
Love you Todd !!!!....elmo

Anonymous said...

too bad reguarding your board loss ,,but it could show up yet,,,KEEP BACK 200 FEET,,IS A PRETTY GOOD IDENT LOGO..like they sa ,,'DON'T WORRY ,,BE HAPPY !!!,,,at least it is not raining there,,,,Dunkster.....