Thursday, June 17, 2010


My sister has been to Maui before, and she suggested we stop in at Charley's in Pa'ia, for breakfast while we're here. So this morning, we did. And oh, what a brekkie it was!! Todd had the special - an amazingly tasty Hawaiian version of eggs benedict... and I had a breakfast burrito... which was the size of a Volkswagen!! I'm not kidding! Back home, a 'breakfast burrito' is just a fancy name for a Q-tip sized hunk of tortilla filled with a bit of cheese and sour cream and perhaps some hamburger if you're lucky. But Charley's breakfast burrito, well, this thing was stuffed with eggs and black beans and cheese and salsa and rice, and it took up about a third of the table! I barely made a dent in it and enlisted in Todd's help to try to finish it... but to no avail. Sadly we left over half of it behind. Oh, and we didn't get to see Charley! He is the namesake giant Great Dane who hangs out at the establishment. Must have been out for a walk while we were there.

We wandered around Pa'ia for an hour or so, and then we headed back to Kihei. The lovely, predictable trade winds picked up early in the afternoon and Todd had the place to himself... again! It is surprising that for such a nice location and conditions, not more people kitesurf here.

This evening, we had supper at a restaurant in South Kihei (I'm not naming it, because it was VERY expensive and the meal was mediocre), and now we are kicking back at the condo, enjoying drinks and the air conditioning! Tomorrow morning we are going to go snorkelling at Big Beach, which I am looking forward to, and I'd also like to take a walk along the boardwalk in front of the fancy hotels in Wailea. And then... more kiting for Todd! He's only missed one day so far, and that was due to a self-inflicted malady (remember all the beer and wine and rum that one night??!!) Hee hee!

Oh, I'm soooo enjoying this life... sun, beach, warmth, relaxation... I've finished two books already, and I'm trying hard not to think about going home... especially since it doesn't sound like summer has arrived there yet! ICK!


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Anonymous said...

You are right about no summer,,,unless you call monsoon weather 'SUMMER',,did not know there was that much moisture in these Alberta skies,,,supposedly releif coming next week,,beleive it when i see it ...enjoy your sunny time there,,dunkster....