Sunday, July 20, 2014


Mother Nature definitely redeemed herself yesterday, with respect to my outdoor experience. Jody and I hiked to the top of Pocaterra Ridge - what a treat! The day was off-and-on clouds, the temperature actually warranted a jacket when we got up high, and the scenery was so gorgeous! I had no idea what to expect from this hike.... and even if I had set super high expectations, they would have been exceeded. The amazing, lush valley below the ridge was a complete sea of wildflowers, and the peaks which surrounded the valley provided continuous eye candy. Awesome!

This morning it is heavily overcast here in Canmore, so my friend Caroline and I are meeting up and heading south once again to the Highwood Pass area. We have a few hiking options, and we may get rained on, but at least we're in the mountains. Mmmm mmm! Love it!


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Anonymous said...

How did you get so close to the Mountain sheep ? great pics,,,have a great day today,,rain or shine,,cheerio ,love ya lots ,,dunkster,,,,