Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The 'Last Hurrah'!


It's always a bit of an adjustment - mostly in my mind - when I go back to work after a stretch of days away. Lucky me just finished spending my entire two weeks off in Canmore! I made the most of the time by playing and socializing and in general being carefree with no responsibility. Love it!

So needless to say, it takes a few days to get my head back into think mode. But I eventually get there. This time, what really helped matters I believe, is that I made the most of my two final hiking days - one last hurrah, if you will - Grizzly Col / Ridge with Jody and our new friends Karl and Ronaldo, and Cory Pass / Edith Pass Loop with Caroline and Tim.

Look familiar? We were in this valley just last week!

Mt Tyrwhitt from the valley floor.

Approaching Grizzly Col.

What a fantastic ridge!

Our destination is the notch in the left-centre of the pic.

Getting close to the pass - finally!

Lunch spot with a view!

Caroline and Tim on the way into the Gargoyle Valley.

The valley below Cory Pass is quite spectacular!

Mt Louis
I had an exceptional time, seeing some absolutely amazing landscape while spending time with some absolutely fabulous peeps. And now I am on the countdown to do it all over again - my next two weeks off start in just 18 more sleeps! Yeah!


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Anonymous said...

I see you are transisioning back to work quite well,? nice pics ,you sure covered a lot of ground ,,so as the saying goes,"back to work to get rested up for next time off,!!,,,",,,cheerio for now ,,love ya lots ,,dunkster,,,