Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The big five-oh!

Today was a bit of a milestone for me. Not only was it a spectacular day in the mountains, it was also the day that I stood on my 50th summit. And it was a beauty of a summit, too! Cirque Peak, which is above Helen Lake, may very well now be my favorite - it was moderately hazy due to the fires burning near Saskatchewan Crossing, but that didn't really take away from the gorgeous views!

Christine and I got an early start, thank crikey, because the thermometer ended up topping out at 30 degrees C. Borderline crazy!

On the trail by 8am....

There it is! Cirque Peak is in the
background on the right.

Looks benign.... but all of a sudden it
got steep! And kicked our butts!

My 50th summit!

We were on the road by 6:30 this morning, and tomorrow morning is going to be the same - we're catching the first bus up to Sunshine Meadows, to spend the day wandering and enjoying the wildflowers. Somehow, getting up early to go play outside is soooo much easier than getting up early to go to work. Funny how that goes!


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Anonymous said...

Great picture on the SUMMIT,,,that 50 includes a lot of work BUT nice achievement,,,,the mountain terrain always gives many beautiful views of the area,,great pictures and one of your furry friends ,,cheerio for now love ya lots,,dunkster,,,