Friday, July 25, 2014

Water week!

You know how Discovery Channel sometimes has 'Shark Week'?  Well this week, the kidinacandyshop had 'Water Week'! Yep. Several of my destinations this past five days involved water. It was fantastic!

Sunday: Elbow Lake and Rae Lake

Elbow Lake

Colorful shoreline of Rae Lake.

Rae Lake

Seeing this cow moose and her two babies was an unexpected treat!

Monday: Emerald Lake

Paddling fun!

Tuesday: Grassi Lakes

Wednesday: Picklejar Lakes

The first of the Picklejars.

Picklejar Lake #2.

The third Picklejar Lake.

The third and fourth lakes.

I think #3 was the prettiest!

Another view of Picklejar Lake #3.

And yet another picture of the third lake!

Shoreline along Picklejar Lake #2.

Somebody was marking his territory!

Thursday and Friday: Rain! And a visit from the parents! My Mom and Dad were in Calgary yesterday, so they made a detour out to Canmore - it was so great to see them! Love you Elinor and Duncan!

I just had a look at EnviroCan, and they still maintain that tomorrow we will be enjoying straight-up sunshine.... yahoo for the sun! So a big day is planned with one of my besties - we are headed back down to the Highwood Pass area to take in two gorgeous ridgewalks. I can't wait!


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Anonymous said...

OUR VISIT to see you in Canmore was GREAT,,importing your personal chef from red deer was excellent that B B Q was BETTER THAN GOING OUT TO A RESTAURANT very very nice,,,enjoy your weekend before returning to work cheerio for now love ya lots ..going for MY WALK,,dunkster,,,,