Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sunshine, on my shoulders.....

.....makes me sunburnt! But I don't care! I just spent two fantabulous days in the mountains, and I got to catch up with two great friends whom I haven't seen in far too long.

On Thursday, I met up with Caroline and her amazingly cool dog Stewie, and we headed down into K-Country. Our destination: the little-known Three Lakes Valley. What a treat that hike is! After a bit of confusion at the start of the Chester Lake trail - last year's flooding did a number on the usually easy to find path - we meandered up to the popular lake. However, being that it was a weekday, there were few other people. After letting Stewie play in the nice cold mountain water for a bit, we continued on beyond the lake, past a neat formation called the Elephant Rocks, and over into the gorgeous valley behind Gusty Peak.

Chester Lake

Elephant Rocks

Caroline and Stewie

Above the second lake in Three Lakes Valley - what a backdrop!

Abominable Snowman sighting!

It was a super enjoyable day and the company was awesome! Thanks Caroline!

On Friday, Sheila and I trudged up to the top of the East End of Rundle. I say 'trudged', because it had to have been at least 25 degrees Celsius, there were no clouds, minimal wind, and we were out of the trees and onto a sun-beaten south-facing slope within about 20 minutes of leaving the car.

This inukshuk marks the only flat spot on the entire scramble!

The view down the Spray Valley.

Such a fantastic vista from the top of this fun little peak!

The selfie jump shot - got this on the second try!

A well-deserved summit beverage. Mmmm!

Again, the people traffic was pretty much nil, and we had the summit all to ourselves. It was such a beauty day and I am so fortunate to have spent it outdoors in the Rockies!
Now I'm in Red Deer for the next 36 hours or so (dang work!), and then it's back to Canmore for some more fun in the sun. This time with sunscreen!


Alexandra said...

I have never been beyond the Ellephant Rocks now seeing your photos confirms I need to go.

Great jump shots on EEOR. I like to call shots like that "a leap of love"!

Anonymous said...

Fancy meeting a snowman this time of year,,nice Inuchuck,,but I think the one in the last photo is much more needed !!,,,such lovely scenery along the entire trek,,also GREAT JUMP SHOT,,,very unique work to rest up before you wander off again,,,cheerio for now ,love ya lots,,,dunkster,,,,