Monday, March 31, 2008

Good times at Bahia Salinas

Aaaaaahhhh..... we've been here a WEEK already! How time flies, when you're having fun! I think we are finally getting used to the heat - daily highs of around +38C, and nightly lows of about +25C... I was a little concerned at first, when there was only a sheet on our bed and no blankets... but now I understand why!! Jackets are completely unnecessary here, I haven't even had to break out a long sleeved shirt (except to cover up from the baking sun). It is amazing! We've been kiting every day, all day, and finally I even got up and rode yesterday, in spite of the large waves and variable windspeeds. It is fairly remote, but it is a truly fantastic place. We see parrots flying around, mantas and other fish jumping out of the water, gekkos, toads, scorpions, and a plethora of other insects and small animals. Very cool! Plus the people are great - we have met several travellers from all over the world. Thursday we are going to go to Lake Arenal to see Volcan Arenal. Hopefully we'll be able to stay at the observatory right on the volcano, if there are any rooms available. Then the plan is to travel for a few days around that area and head back to Liberia late on Saturday, then fly out on Sunday. We are having a stellar vacation! Too bad we didn't have more time; this country is amazing and we are barely seeing a quarter of it. Oh well.... next time!!! Cheers!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hola, chicas y chicos!!

We made it to paradise! Costa Rica is stellar; the people are super-friendly and the countryside is beautiful! Our villa is great, it's up on a hillside, overlooking the ocean... no air-conditioning of course, but there is an outside shower, and we even have our own little gekko! He's a bug catching machine if I've ever seen one! We got out into the surf on Tuesday - Todd had a bit of an epic, as the winds are mega-strong compared to anything he's flown in before... thought he lost his brand new board on it's maiden voyage!! Lucky for us, the surf is strong and we spotted the board near shore a few hours and a few trips up and down the beach later. Wednesday, the winds continued and we spent the day at Playa Copal with the whole kitesurfing group. I cooked myself slightly, so today I'm mostly staying out of the intense sun... The winds and waves are a bit intimidating for me, so I'm waiting for a less breezy day to make my water debut... Overall, the place is great! It is fairly remote however, so I'm not sure how much I'll be able to post. The trip into the nearest town is a dusty, kidney-jarring experience, and we have everything we need at the hostel. Hope all is well in the land of snow and cold weather!! Cheers.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Houston... we have NO problems whatsoever!!

Here we are, in Houston, en route to Liberia... and the weather is just getting nicer and nicer!! By this time tomorrow, we should be enjoying the warm Pacific Ocean in Bahia Salinas! The forecast is for +30C and wind, wind, wind... I can't wait to get to the beach!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Break...

Aaaahhhh, it's almost that time again... time to head to serious summer temperatures... time to kite in warm, blue waters instead of on icy, white snow...
We leave for Costa Rica on Monday, to enjoy two weeks of kitesurfing and sightseeing. We land in Liberia and will be spending time at Bahia Salinas as well as at Lake Arenal. I can hardly wait to see the Central American jungle and all the beautiful things that go with it!! I'll post pictures and information along the way. Cheers! and Hoppy Easter!!