Sunday, June 9, 2019

All Over the Map

Literally! This last few weeks have had me in a couple of different places, job-wise and fun-wise. One of our plants at site has a turnaround in full swing, which I have enjoyed being able to support. And a true highlight of my work world recently was a lovely evening spent as the MC at our company's long service awards banquet. Recreationally, I had a fantastic afternoon on the sweet Fawn Meadows Golf Course with a kick-ass group of Delburne girls, and then Chris and I made a midnight run to Saskatoon to pick up the ultimate summer toy - he bought a surf boat! Woot!

Fore!! What a stellar day!

A few of us had some 'beach time'.....

Thanks ladies! What a great round!

Wildfire smoke descended upon Red Deer for a few days....

Apocalyptically eerie!

Long Service Awards Banquet was a formal affair!

Prairie landscape.... tank cars as far as you could see... what the....!?

Hashtag green/not green.....!!

This is going to be a game-changer at the lake this year!

Working six days a week not only makes me lose track of time, it also seems to make time speed by even faster than usual. The halfway mark of 2019 is rapidly approaching, and the day with the most hours of sunlight is just around the corner as well! Yeesh! I need to remember to kick back once in a while, and just breathe.....


The patio is OPEN!

Wild June weather - this cloud brought a brief downpour of hail.