Thursday, May 28, 2009

Life is soooo darn good!

What a fabulous weekend! Most excellent company + fantastic weather + Bow Valley limestone = superb fun! Todd and I got a climbing day in at Cougar Creek and another day at Kanga Crag, then the Moberg Family and Paul O joined us for a couple of more days at Canadian Forks and at Grassi Lakes. It was stellar! The temps have remained perfect and the skies have been mostly sunny, for several days in a row - which is somewhat unusual for the valley... but I am NOT complaining!!
The place in Canmore is up for sale again, so I had to buckle down the last few days and do some major organizing, cleaning, and fixing (I now have caulking permanently stuck in my hair and I think I have plumbers crack!!). Maybe tomorrow (either before or after a 2pm appointment) I'll be able to get out and enjoy some more of the great outdoors! Yeah! Bring on summertime!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

If a tree falls in the forest...

Ahhh, the forest! And the rock! And the creek! Put them all together, and you have a stellar location, called Cougar Creek! I got out climbing yesterday for the first time this season, and it felt soooo good! Yes, the toes and forearms are reminding me today, that it is going to take a few pitches to get used to it all again... but I'm sure I can suffer through it! The weather is beautiful and it is supposed to stay that way for most of the week. I'm hoping to get in as many climbing days as possible before I go back to work, and so far I'm booked until Wednesday... Life is good!