Thursday, March 30, 2017

Things that go BOOM!

Early season 'hiking' is always interesting.... Should a person take snowshoes? Maybe even skis? Should you take a chance that the trail can be done in boots?? Late March / early April outings are always a bit of a gamble, and last weekend the dice rolled in our favor - my bestest friend Toni joined me for the weekend out in Canmore and we wandered up to the always beautiful Boom Lake.

Just a bit of snow!

An absolutely gorgeous day with my BFF!

We opted to forego the snowshoes.

Stay ON the trail... the snow was pretty deep!

We made it!

Lovely, wintery, Boom Lake

The snowy adventure took us across the border into British Columbia, and the whole day was awesome - stellar weather, fantastic scenery, with one of my favorite peeps. It doesn't get much better than that!


Hiking - Boom Lake
Time (car to car): 3 hours
Distance: 11km
Elevation gain: 200m

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Forty Days and Forty Nights

Tsk. Forty or so days have gone by since my last post... Sorry people! It has been an eventful forty days though, so does that excuse my slackness??

Where to start. Well, how 'bout with the fun stuff! I've been to Canmore a few times, in between celebrating friends' birthdays and retirements. And although I haven't been on skis yet (*GASP*), I have been doing lots of other important, exciting things such as visiting, and hiking, and biking, and snowshoeing.



Thanks Gillian and Brady!

Many changes have taken place in my world this past forty days - some positive, and some challenging. I moved into a new role at work, which is incredibly stimulating but at the same time has required yet another shift up in my brain gears. A great friend and co-worker folded up his Engineering degree and has opted to travel the world. I've become a landlord for the first time in my life. And another first - I now have a garage for the 4-Runner! The garage came with a lovely townhouse of course, which is a whole other story.... LOL....

So yeah, in my books, these last six weeks have been a bit of a blur. But it's all good and for sure there have been very few dull moments!

Found this 'fortune' in the drawer
of my new desk! Awesome!!

Miss you Ben! We wish you all the best!

The latest toy!

My body and my soul have both been taking a beating over the past while, so some serious restorative measures are in order. To start with, I bought myself a gym membership and a fat-tire bike, plus I'm going to start tracking my 'mileage' again, on the trails via two feet and on two wheels. As well, I'm researching traveling to a couple of my long sought after destinations - I have many weeks of vacation entitlement this year, and I am planning on using every last hour of it!

As it stands, I can't 100% say for sure what the rest of 2017 has in store for me, but I'm fairly certain it will be somewhere in the range of absolutely fantastic to unbelievably amazing, if that is what I choose!


Wait for it....  :)

Snowshoe - Barrier Lake Lookout
Time (car to car): 4-1/2 hours
Distance: 11km
Elevation gain: 615m

Hiking - Grassi Lakes
Time (car to car): 1-1/2 hours
Distance: 4km
Elevation gain: 225m

Pedal (Fat Tire) - Red Deer Trails
Time: 2 times @ 75 mins each
Distance: 2 times @ 12km each