Tuesday, September 8, 2020


Considering what kind of a gong show the rest of the year turned out to be, summer 2020 has definitely been one for the books. I can't remember the last time (if ever??) I was on the go, nine consecutive weekends! That's right.... I looked back in my calendar and was quite shocked at the stats.

Round #9 took place out near Radium over the long weekend, where we camped and rode dirtbikes and had late-night dance parties and drinks around the fire, and in general had a spectacular time! The weather was unusually warm for September - in the high 20's - and through it all, I only had two wipeouts and came home with relatively minor scuffs on both myself and my bike. Success!

This is a snippit from the video.... I did
a teeny tiny wheelie! Woot!
And thank you Cara for your filming skills!

📷 courtesy of Jordan

📷 courtesy of Jordan

The whole crew!

The always gracious, super fun hosts!

A small ouchie…

The drive home on Monday was a bit white in places, which kind of reminded me of icing on the cake! What a great way to end the season. How lucky am I!


The drive west....

….and the drive back east.

Check out these two beauties!