Friday, March 27, 2020

Not my kinda Corona!

Wow. Just.... Wow. What an unreal turn our world has taken! It is almost like a low-budget apocalypse movie is being filmed, and the set is the entire planet. It is definitely an interesting time to be alive. Economically, we are in for a spell that I'm sure will rival the recession of the 'Dirty Thirties'. Socially, while physical isolation is doable, it is almost impossible to distance ones self from the negativity and fear-mongering that has consumed the media. The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), or something related to it, is literally EVERYWHERE.

I don't think anybody has a clear picture of what the near future holds for Canada. Guaranteed there will be thousands upon thousands of people who are ruined by what is happening, whether they suffer from the illness directly, or if they end up losing their job, etc. Consequences for the vast majority of our population are going to be life-changing to say the least.

Is the virus as horrific as it is being portrayed? Doubt it, but maybe. While I am not personally concerned that I will die if I contract it, I do not wish to be part of the problem. The problem of people not taking precautions and failing to heed the measures being put in place to try to slow down the spread of the disease. I feel like that is the biggest issue - our health care system is weak at the best of times and it simply cannot handle an overload of this magnitude. Well that, and the stupid humans who have cleared grocery store shelves of certain items.... come on people! Tsk.

At any rate, I will continue to practice 'social distancing' (I am single and I live alone, and I do not have hoards of friends, so it is not a stretch for me!), and as long as I feel healthy I will continue to show up at work (my employer is incredible and I thank my lucky stars every day that I have the job I do!). I will also continue to get outside when I can, and take photos when I can, as those two things keep me sane in this increasingly not sane world.

Stay healthy everyone!


Sunday, March 8, 2020

Marching through March

So a little over a week ago March came in like a lamb.... but at this moment it is more like a polar bear! The temperature a few hours ago in Red Deer was -25C, so it seems like a perfect morning to stay inside and catch up on my blog.

For as much as it seems like nothing has been happening, when I reflect on the past three weeks the calendar has been fairly eventful.

We spent a great weekend in Canmore, wandering around the town in snowy weather and checking out some new trails and pubs.

Next, my Sister braved the Alberta winter and made a trip up from lovely Arizona. I picked her up at YYC and we road tripped to Medicine Hat to celebrate our family patriarch's 80th birthday.

Upon our arrival into the Gas City, Heather and I put our painting skills to the test and enjoyed a super fun evening with PaintRGirl at The Hat's Olive Tap.


....and after!
It is supposed to look like the pic in the middle. 

Then, the milestone birthday festivities began.....

Octogenarian lawn ornaments!

Dunc wanted 80 candles.... we lit them ALL!

Pretty decent flames!

Putting out that much fire leaves quite a cloud of smoke!

This was the cake we ate however, as
80 burning candles melts ALOT of wax!

18th Street was shakin'!

It's not a real party unless you have Solo cups. Just sayin'.

The awesome neighbors!

The beautiful Isley girls!

My family 💕

I think everyone had fun - even those who went home with the wrong shoes! LOL - and it was so great to hang with my family and visit with peeps I haven't seen in a long time.

And now, at work, my role is taking me in a new direction, which is a whole bunch of stress and excitement and activity and emotion, all at the same time. The incredible group I have had the pleasure of working with for the past three years (and whom I am going to miss dearly!) got together Friday night, for a nice dinner and drinks, and tons of laughs. I love you guys, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making the job what has hands down been the highlight of my career.

Well, that's it for my updates, and while it is still kinda chilly out, the sun is shining brightly, so I am going to go move my clocks ahead and enjoy one less hour in what is left of the day. Have a funday Sunday everybody!