Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Springtime on the slopes...

Yikes.... can you believe it is almost the end of April? Where the heck is the time going??! Since I got home from my Phoenix / Houston trip, I've been out skiing several times... all in stellar, spring conditions - how lucky am I!

Lake Louise

Sadly however, I think the ski season has come to a close for me. Not only are things picking up at work, but the warm temps are making me feel more like digging out the climbing gear rather than hauling around the skiis. So hopefully summer really is on its way - I'm looking forward to getting out on the rock, and soon!


Thursday, April 5, 2012

All work and no play....

Alright, so maybe it hasn't been ALL work... but most of the hours in my days this past week have been spent learning about job-related things. I'm in Houston for a conference, and WOW it has been a blast! The material has been super informative and the extra-curricular activities have been soooo much fun!

Among other things: I had my very first teppanyaki experience, I made the jumbo-tron at the Astrodome, I hung out on stage with the entertainers at a local piano bar (and I have a feeling there is a video of that floating around somewhere.... oy!), and I met a ton of great people in the process!

I'm kind of sad to be going home, except for the fact that it has been dumping snow in the Rockies and I have plans to go skiing this weekend..... yeah!! Weird, but I'm actually looking forward to what might be the last taste of winter this year!