Sunday, August 30, 2020

Dirt, or pavement?

That is the question! Wow, where to begin? We've been having so much fun on both the dirtbikes and on the cruisers, that I don't know which I like better!

A week after we got back from the lake, we loaded up and headed back to Bighorn for yet another weekend of brapping and campfires and blender drinks and of course a deep fry, with the coolest bunch of peeps!

It was back to work to recover for a couple of days, and then I dragged Chris out to K-Country, where we put in several kilometers on two legs rather than two wheels. The first day we checked out a sweet lake, which we surprisingly had all to ourselves.

Rummel Lake

The next day's hiking adventure included being stopped in our tracks about a mile down the trail on the way to another set of lakes....

All smiles before the wildlife sighting.

….due to an encounter with a very large grizz and her two big cubs! No time for a pic - sorry! We slowly backed away, turned around, picked up the pace, and cleaned out our shorts when we got back to the parking lot.... LOL! Plan B was a success however, and we ended up having a lovely wander up a different valley.

Ribbon Falls

And, to round out the month, we hopped on the Harleys and took a day ride up to Pigeon Lake, and then cruised for three glorious days around the Canmore area.

In line for ice cream!

📷 courtesy of Gary

August has by far been the busiest month we've had, and even though it is almost over, things are not slowing down. The upcoming long weekend will see us camping and dirtbiking out in Brisco, and then I will have about 24 hours to recuperate and prepare for an outage at work. First world problems, hey?? Life is good!