Tuesday, October 31, 2017

All Hallows' Eve!

Happy Halloween!

Well, another October is over, and we sent it out with some serious Viking style on the weekend at the annual Halloween Pub Crawl....

The costumes were fantastic!

A crew of about 35 of us dressed up and toured around Red Deer on Saturday night, wreaking havoc at several different establishments. I'm currently on day nine of my 1-in-10 year cold, so sadly we hopped off the party bus fairly early. But as per the Monday morning reports from others in the group, everyone had a pumpkin-smashing good time!

I haven't been this under the weather in ages, hence it has been a super low-key week for me. Hopefully I snap out of it soon, as we have tickets for some festivities in Canmore this upcoming weekend - Banff Film Fest and UFC 217. Plus I'd love to get outside for a hike, if it's not too snowy. At any rate, it will be fabulous to be in the mountains - I can't wait!


My (not 100% effective) arsenal.
Darn cold and flu season!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Rock on, October!

Several more weeks of 2017 have blasted by, and as I sit and reflect, I am astonished as always at how fast time flies. October has been a great month though, comprised of travel and hard work, from interior British Columbia all the way to South Carolina.

A few weeks ago, we took a road trip to the Shuswap, where we met up with more of the Cooke clan for some fall cabin maintenance. As per usual, amidst the many hours of sweat and toil, there was an equal amount of laughs and 'non-toil'....

Groovy sunset clouds!

Still many fires burning, with lots
of smoke around Rogers Pass.

Finally - no fire ban!

I realize it appears to have been all beach fires and beer-drinking, but here comes the sweat and toil part.... Yes, it is exactly what it looks like - a new hole had to be dug for the old-fashioned outdoor privy.

So another lake season has come and gone, and this particular concern should now be addressed for the next decade at the very least. **PHEW**

Immediately after spending several days in beautiful BC, I hopped on a plane and joined some co-workers on a business trip to South Carolina. I've never been to the East Coast of the States before, and unfortunately I was so busy that the only pics I had time to snap were from the plane.

The weather was gorgeous and the area was really pretty. I look forward to returning in the new year and plan to make time to do some actual sight-seeing.

This past Saturday, we put on our lumberjack attire and helped out with some wood gathering and chopping. It was a beauty fall day at Chris's parents' place, and while I don't have the pictures to prove it, I did do my share of chain-sawing. Woot! Totally fun.

Safety first!

The upcoming weekend brings the coveted Social Club Halloween Pub Crawl, which was an absolute riot last year. Stay tuned for my next blog post, which will reveal this year's excellent costumes and spook-tacular shenanigans!