Saturday, January 28, 2017


January is almost over! How... has... that... happened?? Oy. I swear, the older I'm getting, the faster that time is blasting by. Jeeesh!

It's probably easiest if I describe the past few weeks in pictures. Sadly, we haven't been out skiing yet, but we have been doing some other pretty fun things.... like hiking, and partying....

Beautiful view of Cascade Mountain.

It was a cool stroll along Policeman's Creek!

Nature's artwork!

We ended a super chilly afternoon walk in
Canmore with some beverages.... Yum!

Speaking of the years flying by.... I recently celebrated my 15 year work anniversary with Nova Chemicals. A week ago Friday was the Long Service Award banquet, which honored those of us with milestones of 5 years of service all the way up to 35 years of service! The evening was a first-class event, and I pinch myself every day as a reminder that I am incredibly fortunate to be employed by such an awesome company.

Top shelf affair!

My fabulous co-workers!

More great work peeps!

Such a fantastic night!
2017 is well on its way, and so far it is shaping up to be an exciting year!


Saturday, January 7, 2017

The New Year is Here!

The first week of the new year has been super fun! Chris and I have both been on the verge of our annual colds, however we are mostly managing to suck it up and enjoy some socializing. The holidays were awesome, and a short, quiet week back at work was capped off by even more festivities!

Good times with the girlies!

We were treated to a chinook arch over a pink morning sky
while we drove Kristen to the airport.
Some friends joined us last Friday for Fight Night - we watched UFC 207 and consumed just a few sociables. Then we had a visitor for the weekend.... Here's Miss Kitty.... what a cutie!

What started out as 'running over to the
neighbors for a quick drink' ended at 5am....

Aaaannnd..... Back to work at this cool plant!

Last night was a birthday blast for another friend, and the evening included a limo ride, the Lock Down Rooms (you NEED to try this!), and yes, glow bowling....

The birthday girl rides in style!

Okay... so we ALMOST had it...

The birthday girl kicked our butts!
I'll go back just for the shoes! LOL!

2017 is definitely kicking off on a positive note, and I'm certain that this is all setting the tone for what is to come - laughs and love and all-around happiness! Yeah!

Happy New Year!