Friday, April 29, 2011

No, I did not watch 'The Royal Wedding'....

Sorry, we don't have cable... so I missed seeing Kate and Will tie the knot. Oh well. We were up to something far more exciting instead - check it out!

Yes, that's Gull Lake... and yes, the ice is still on it... and YES, those guys are actually kitesurfing!! Todd, Chris and Paul are serious diehards and wouldn't dream of missing a kiting opportunity, even if it means donning drysuits and dodging icebergs. And so they did.

The day turned out to be gorgeous and it was so much fun watching these crazy men cruise back and forth in the narrow section of open water. 

After Todd's fingers and toes were numb beyond being functional, he packed up his gear and we went for a walk around the lake. It felt awesome to be out in the fresh air, soaking up some much much needed vitamin D!

Pinky the Killer Picnic Table
(you'll have to ask Chris about that one)

If the days continue to be as nice as today, I'll probably get sucked into thinking that winter may truly be over! Oh please, please, let it be so!!


Monday, April 25, 2011

Hoppy Easter!

I just had an awesome, extra-long weekend with my family in Medicine Hat! My sister came for a visit, all the way from Arizona, and my uncle joined us from Calgary. Plus we had a few other good friends take part in the Saturday afternoon eats and treats and the subsequent evening card game. Of course I didn't win at cards... but it was still fun! Hee hee! The best part was getting to see everyone!

We made quick work of the feast! Yummy!

The weather was decent too, which was a nice surprise, as I was beginning to think summer had completely abandoned us this year. And while we were out and about, we did see what I'd say are a few true signs of spring:

Grazing antelope - right in town!

Motorcycles! See more photos of this cool bike HERE.

Thanks so much to my Mom for cooking us such an amazing Easter dinner! It was a super tasty bonus to a great four days!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sunglasses At Night

Looking west this morning....

And just a few minutes later, looking east...

I love that I have to wear sunglasses (not quite at night I guess) on my drive to work in the morning!

Sunshine is my friend!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Close only counts...

... in horseshoes and hand grenades! (and shaving I guess??). Which is truly sooooo unfortunate - because I came really darn close today to having a really fat bank account! Check out the recent Lotto Max Maxmillions numbers:

And then have a look at my Lotto Max ticket:

Yes folks, I was literally ONE NUMBER away from collecting a cool million. How fun would that have been??!! No work on Monday for me!! Or ever again for that matter! Ha ha!!

Oh well. Maybe some other time. And did I mention that NINE is now my least favorite number??


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Don't Blink or You'll Miss It!!

Of course I'm referring to that elusive season called summer.... that's right.... I'm afraid it may have came and went, folks. D'OH!!

Earlier this week, things were looking up, and I'm talking WAY up - the sun was shining, it was above zero for several days, almost the entire plethora of snow had melted... Then, at some point during the night last night, it was like we time-warped back about three months. This morning was a hideous mess!

Never mind that winter has dragged on and on and on already... but we really don't need any more moisture! Thus far in Red Deer we've been fairly lucky I think, with respect to flooding. However, during all the warm weather, some melting ice must have jammed up in one of the little creeks which runs through downtown, forcing the water to back up and partially cover Rotary Park.

It's honestly not looking like picnic weather any time soon! Booooo!!


Friday, April 8, 2011

Oh Happy Days!

Yippee!!!! We've had THREE DAYS IN A ROW now, of sunshine and blue sky! Could it be true... could winter really be over?? I'm hoping so!

Isn't it amazing, how the sun changes peoples' attitudes? I have noticed that everywhere I've been this week, folks are just... happier. And chattier. And more upbeat. Which isn't surprising really, because honestly, who out there enjoys the colorless gloom that late winter brings? I know I don't, that's for sure.

Today I opened up all of the blinds in the house and let the glorious sun shine in! There was a smile on my face as I dozed like a cat on the carpet in the warm sunbeams. Mmmmm!! I look forward to watching the snow melt and seeing some green outside and spending more time out in the fresh spring air! Hooray for winter's end! Yeah!